Classification of rollers by wheel axle

- Oct 16, 2018-

According to the wheel shaft arrangement, there are single axle single wheel, double axle double wheels, double axle three wheels and three axle three wheels. The internal combustion engine is powered by mechanical transmission or hydraulic transmission. General front wheel steering, good mobility, rear wheel drive. In order to improve steering and rolling performance, articulated steering structure and all wheel drive should be adopted. The front wheel frame and frame are articulated to reduce the abnormal swing of the fuselage. The rear wheel and frame are rigid connection. Hydraulic steering and hydraulic cylinder control are used. The front and rear wheels are equipped with scrapers to remove the adhesive on the wheel. Sprinkler system is also installed to compact the asphalt pavement to sprinkle the wheel to prevent the adhesion of asphalt mixture. To increase the working force, iron, sand and water can be added to the grinding wheel to increase the pressure.