Grader operation

- Oct 16, 2018-

The main methods in roadbed construction are leveling operation, slope cutting operation and embankment filling. Grader is a high speed, high efficiency, high precision and multi-purpose earthwork machinery. It can accomplish the work of leveling and digging ditches, scraping slopes, bulldozing, snow removal, loosening, compacting, distributing materials, mixing, aiding installation and reclamation in large areas such as highway important content field and farmland. It is an important equipment in national defense engineering, mine construction, road construction, water conservancy construction and farmland improvement. Highway roadbed is the foundation of road surface and an important part of highway engineering. The roadbed bears the traffic load from the pavement, which is the supporting structure of the pavement. It must have enough strength, stability and durability. According to the different terrain, two types of embankment and cut are commonly used for highway subgrade.