The difference between scraper, loader, bulldozer and excavator.

- Oct 16, 2018-

Loaders are generally seen in seaports and logistics centers, mainly loading and unloading containers. Leveling machine is a kind of pavement, snow removal, bulldozing, loosening soil, and other functions. Excavator is a common construction machinery, mainly used to excavate soil, loading, demolition, digging, gravel and so on. The forklift truck mainly shovels the soil, shovels the snow, the loading scope and the excavator are similar, but the operation condition is limited, the efficiency is higher than the excavator, the forklift truck can not work in the soft soil place and the steep ditch, generally the forklift is wheel type. Bulldozers are mainly bulldozers, leveling, loosening, and other functions, so in many places can be seen in the development of excavators and bulldozers working together, the efficiency is very high. As the name implies, scraper is to shovel soil and transport, scraper generally in many places to shovel soil in their own "belly", at most 500 meters to 2000 meters to unload the soil, put in the need for soil!! Loader to vehicles or other equipment to load bulk materials of the self-loading and unloading machinery. Loaders can also do light excavation work, through the replacement of the corresponding working device, but also for bulldozing, lifting, loading and unloading of wood and steel pipes and other operations. Scrapers can be used as loaders, but loaders cannot be used as scrapers. A tractor-driven machine with a wide, blunt horizontal shovel for clearing land, road structures, or similar work.