Buying A Second-hand Forklift

- Aug 23, 2019-

       Forklift trucks are important transportation tools in industrial operation, and the cost is relatively large. Therefore, many people have turned their eyes on second-hand forklifts when purchasing forklifts. At present, rental forklifts are also very popular.

Used forklift maintenance precautions

       One. See the engine repair instruction manual for the maintenance and maintenance contents of the engine and the cycle.

Two. Daily inspection of the forklift. Whether there is oil leakage in the gear box, cylinder or hose; Tire wear and pressure conditions; The fastening condition of the hub nut; Whether there is abnormal noise; Lubrication status of each part; Hand brake condition; The liquid level of brake fluid and hydraulic oil; The condition of each operating handle; Door frame and fork condition; Chain tension and wear condition; Tightening of the tilting cylinder joint; The status of each indicator, switch and horn.

  three. Weekly inspection and maintenance of forklifts. Filling the parts of the vehicle with lubricating oil (fat). Filling the grease with the oil gun: the bearing seat where the gantry is connected to the chassis, and the tilting cylinder connection joint.

Lubricated parts with brush and grease: lifting chain, fork frame, gantry rail slide.

The part where the mechanical oil is filled: the hand brake moving parts and the foot brake moving parts.

Inspection of the electrical system Check the electrolyte level of the battery to ensure that the electrolyte is not deficient.

Check the battery housing or terminal block to make sure it is free of corrosion or cracks.

The part where the mechanical oil is filled: the hand brake moving parts and the foot brake moving parts.

Four. Monthly inspection and maintenance of the forklift. Check that the brake system and steering system are in good condition.

Check that the working device and hydraulic device are in good condition.

Unscrew the drive axle oil mark hole plug and check if the differential gear oil and the gearbox gear oil are dirty. If it is dirty, replace it; if it is not dirty, refuel until it overflows, and then screw on the screw plug.

Inspect and lubricate the gantry pin nut bolts.

Lubricate the steering kingpin.

Check the lifting and tilting handles for action.

Clean the dust of the electrical system, check the joints for looseness, and damage the cable insulation.

       Buying a second-hand forklift must first look at the engine overhaul a few times, the general forklift usage is relatively high, so the engine is relatively expensive. Then look at the hydraulic transmission system and there is no problem, after all, the forklift is hydraulic and also used for comparison. Forklifts are generally hydraulically assisted, and it is easy to smash for a long time, that is, it is easy to control the deviation.