How To Accurately Evaluate The Quality Of Used Excavators? These 13 Parts Must Be Checked!

- Sep 18, 2019-

The psychology of traders is like this. If you want to buy it, you want to buy it cheaply, and you want to sell it at a high price. Especially the price of second-hand excavator is not accurate. The quality of the machine can only be judged by the user. If you don't pay attention, you may be deceived! So it is necessary to learn some methods to evaluate the quality of used excavators.


1.Look at the appearance

When looking at an old device first, look at the color of some paints and the wear of the equipment by different light and angle. The appearance of this piece is not covered by the barrel, the pipeline is original, or it is installed afterwards. Up, and the wear of the counterweight, including the side door, counterweight, and paint, are not judged by different light angles. The appearance of the problem can be said to be a small matter, it can be said to be a big event. Others ask for equipment construction, and definitely depends on the age of your equipment. At the same price, people will never abandon the new one.


2. Look at the nameplate

When buying a second phone, most people will habitually look at the nameplate. The nameplate of the equipment is just like the identity card of our citizens. Its nature is the same, with the model and factory code of the relevant equipment. In the picture, the JAPAN representative equipment is produced in Japan, and the code of the equipment can be found in its production date.

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3. Look at the stamp

It can be seen on some important structural parts. This is the vehicle identification code (frame number), which can be seen on the base of the excavator, on the frame, on the fuel tank, etc., and is generally a stamp. According to this, the equipment date of the equipment can be inquired through the equipment dealer or the manufacturer. Stamping is a problem that many people ignore, and it is as important as the nameplate of the equipment. The stamp is not easily removed unless it is knocked out by the sander.

4. Hourly meter: It can be compared according to the year of the equipment and the hour of the display. The average usage time of an excavator is about 2000 hours per year.

In addition, regional differences have a significant impact on the hours of use of the excavator. Since the winter frozen soil is not started, the number of hours for the same age in the northeast region is less than that in the south. If you encounter a machine coming down from the mine, you have to be careful. From the information on the car, the machine is very young, the machine components look very eye-catching, but the mining machine is usually a machine that operates 24 hours a day, so this machine It has been sold hard.

5. Look at the body

(1) Look at the counterweight: the counterweight is commonly called “butt” by the players. The quality of the counterweight reflects whether the driver cares about the equipment and the construction environment of the equipment. Normal construction equipment has been worn for more than 3 years, and the paint below will be worn away, which is normal. If you encounter all the weight of the machine, or if the outer iron is broken, the equipment is basically spent in the mine, or engaged in demolition for a long time, or broken equipment, normal excavation, This is not the case with simple earthwork.

(2) Both sides of the fuselage: Pay attention to whether you have done sheet metal, if you have said that there has been a strong collision.

(3) Cab: Pay attention to the collision between the top of the cab and the door. If there is a rollover or a device that has been smashed by stones during construction, it will not be so correct.

(4) Engine cover: Look at the construction environment of the equipment in the summer, then pay attention to the red frame content. If the water level of the equipment has been high, and the engine cover is opened for a long time, its water temperature is definitely not high! If the engine often has problems, the cover opens frequently for a long time and is more susceptible to damage.

6. Excavator interior, display: There are time sellers will say that the display is broken, in this case, it is best not to believe, many have no computer board. When you buy it back and want to repair the computer board and find it is not, it will become a big head! Buying a second-hand computer board is tens of thousands, not necessarily the original one.

7. The engine is the heart of the excavator. Look at the engine has been removed, look carefully at the engine screws, and the installation location of the surrounding parts is not the same as the original. Also check the engine and radiator nameplate information for changes, whether the valve cover is removed, whether the diesel pump leaks oil, the harness is neat, the belt and fan are damaged, the tank cover is corroded, and the sliver on the hood is damaged.

8. Look at the water tank

If you find a layer of yellow material around the mouth of the tank, it means that this excavator often has a problem of high water temperature!

9. Radiator

Whether it is the hydraulic system or the radiator of the water tank, if it is the original factory, if it is newly replaced, then it should be noted, and some not only the water temperature is high, maybe the hydraulic temperature is also quite high.

10. Hydraulic line:

Hydraulic pipes, distribution valves, rotating parts, no matter what the machine of the age, we must see how many pipes are original. If it is a replaced tube, look carefully at the location where it is connected so that it can determine what is going to happen. This is what many friends ignore. The maintenance of a piece of equipment is good, and it can be seen directly from here.

(1) Check the hydraulic pump: judge whether it is the original car pump or the replacement pump, whether it has been repaired, and observe it from paint, tubing joints, flow regulators, etc.

(2) Check the hydraulic condition: two people cooperate, one person tests the car, and the other person feels the vibration of each oil pipe by hand. (low throttle, medium throttle and high throttle)

(3) Check the distributor, swing motor, rotary reducer, etc.; observe whether each oil pipe and screw are the original car; observe the oil scale and feel the viscosity by hand.

11. Large pump

"Don't think that you have bought a new total achievement, and the original thing is the best. If the whole pump is destroyed, then its position is not just here, the distribution valve is the same. It is related. If it is suddenly destroyed, the iron filings inside will flow in the hydraulic oil. If it is not handled well, the entire hydraulic system will be scrapped!"

12. Walking device

The walking part can also be seen in the construction environment of the equipment. Look carefully at the motor corners in the blue circle and the standard earthmoving equipment is worn. If it is in the mine or in the environment of crushing and construction waste construction, it will round the corners.

13. Track shoe

Its angle determines the degree of wear. The earth's equipment wear is at right angles, and the equipment in the stone construction environment is basically flattened. Some equipment hours are not many, but the track shoes are so worn. It may be that there are many stone constructions and the equipment travels for a long time. Long-term walking wear motor is prone to problems!

Of course, there are still many parts to be inspected. In addition to the static inspection, it is necessary to test drive on the machine. The process of buying two mobile phones is really a test. Don't try to be cheap. It is best to pick a good old driver.