How To Buy A Used Road Roller

- Aug 30, 2019-

      The road roller is an indispensable road equipment in modern road construction. It is widely used in the filling and compacting operations of large-scale projects such as highways, railways, airport runways, dams and stadiums. Compared with the new machine used road roller has a good cost performance, steel armor world to give you a brief introduction, how to buy second-hand roller.


      First, the use time is a key factor in determining the price of used roller

For construction machinery such as road rollers, although there is no mandatory scrapping regulations in China, the service life of road rollers is generally 10 years, calculated according to the annual usage time of 2,000 hours. Due to the new road roller, in the case of normal use, there is no need to overhaul in five years, and the machine during this period generally has a good price/performance ratio. The price of second-hand roller is generally 20% depreciated in the first year, and the basic price is calculated by decrementing 5% annually. Depreciation is 20% in the first year, 15% in the second year, 10% in the third year, and 5% in the fourth year. After the fifth year of the machine, with the normal wear and aging of the parts, plus some unpredictable factors, the chances of overhaul are greatly increased. At this time, the price of the roller is generally different, depending on the individual product of the machine. There are big differences. After 10 years, the roller is generally kept below 20% of the price of the new machine due to factors such as technology.

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      Second, whether the key parts have been overhauled directly affects the price of second-hand roller

Insiders know that even if a unit purchases a machine in the same year, after different people use different environments, the appearance will be very different after a few years. In particular, the engine system, hydraulic system, and power system of the road roller have not been replaced, and the price in the market will be very different.

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      Third, the relationship between supply and demand of used road rollers also has a great impact on machine prices.

Everyone knows that the relationship between supply and demand directly affects the price of the product. Whether it is a new machine or a second mobile phone, if a market-type road roller is oversupply within a certain period of time, there will be no small difference in price compared with similar products. Because, if there is a large amount of products in the market, whether it is the selection surface, the machine appearance, and the maintenance cost in the future, it has a great advantage compared with other similar products. If there are no special preferences and needs, try to choose products with a large market share.

      Fourth, the quality of the overall quality is also an important factor in determining the price of second-hand roller.