How To Select Used Truck Cranes

- Aug 12, 2019-

Many friends have asked me about the buying skills of used car cranes. In fact, picking a car like "Sima Ma", and the choice of used machinery in the second-hand machinery is too much. To this end, the author can only talk about some common methods and techniques for the purchase of used car cranes.

Step / method:

1.Determine if an accident has occurred

When looking at the truck crane, you should carefully observe whether the crane door frame and the window seal are painted. If there is a crack in the paint trace on the door frame, it can be more certain that the door is repaired. Secondly, you should check the welding points of the frame under the cover. The original welding points are smooth and small. The repaired welding points are generally rougher than the original ones. If there is such a phenomenon, it means that the car has been compared. A serious accident. Even if conditions permit, check the chassis to see how old or damaged the chassis components are.

2.Attention tire

The degree of wear of the truck crane tires can reflect the frequency of use of a car, especially the front wheels. If the pattern is flat, the edges are completely angular, which means that the original owner's operating frequency is higher, and it is not too cherished, so that the used car can be scored from one side.

3.Observe the body

Patiently turn around the body for a few more turns, carefully observe the edge of the fender, and the axle to see the degree of wear and corrosion of the parts. Or look at the outer end of the exhaust pipe to check for obsolescence or rust.

4.Pay attention to the appearance and operation of the engine

Look at the appearance of the engine and carefully check for signs of oil leakage. Ignite the engine and observe the color of the exhaust gas. If the exhaust gas is translucent light gray, the engine is in good working condition. If it is blue, the engine is very tired. The white display cylinder head row will be scrapped. In addition, you can smell the smell of the exhaust gas, and the smell is unpleasant, indicating that the engine is not in good condition.

5.Pay attention to the brakes

If you do not start the engine, first press the brakes a few times, then continue to step on the brake pedal to start the car in the neutral state. If the brake pedal is attracted, the vacuum assist system of the car is normal. Be sure to test drive, focus on the sound and acceleration of the engine, whether the chassis has abnormal noise, shock absorption effect, heavy direction and clutch, and reliable braking.

6.Don't "get lost because of small"

The most important parts of the truck crane are the body, the boom part and the engine and other related accessories. Second-hand cranes are more or less flawed in appearance. When picking a crane, don't make a fuss about the small appearance of the crane. The working condition of the engine, the boom condition, and the accident situation are the second-hand cars you buy. The most important problem for cranes