Is It Better To Buy A New Excavator Or A Second-hand Excavator

- Aug 05, 2019-

When you are faced with a few hundred thousand or even millions of dollars to invest in new equipment, buying a second-hand equipment may be very sucking

Intriguing, this may be a good idea economically, but not always!

1. Consider the utilization rate One of the main methods to judge whether to buy a new machine or a second mobile phone is to consider the utilization rate of the equipment you buy. If you have enough earthworks, you need the excavator to run at full load for a long time, and buy a new machine. Get higher reliability and new machine warranty, the price is very worthwhile; but if you just have to work and sometimes do not work, then buy a good quality two mobile phone can save you a lot funds.

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2. Consider the fullness of the engineering quantity "Normal use" is crucial for the structural parts, engine and hydraulic system of the excavator. The equipment is designed to withstand the various operating requirements under normal conditions, and the continually brutal operation can quickly destroy the equipment. Therefore, when you buy a second-hand excavator, you must find a reputable company. Jiangsu Dingsheng second-hand excavator market sells all kinds of excavators of various brands and models all the year round. The condition of the car is very good, and the customer reputation has been very good.


3, a good quality of the second mobile phone is often no worse than the new machine. When buying an excavator, no matter what kind of guarantee the company gives you, you must personally check all the parts of the equipment. Look at the hydraulic system, whether the oil leaks, the hidden rust in the equipment, or whether there are other signs that could cause problems. To do a thorough test drive on the excavator, try all the functions of the equipment, and only through the actual excavation, lifting and loading operations can you experience the real performance of the equipment.

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With the change of consumption concept, the used excavators provided by the second-hand excavator market generally go through the market and are more convenient to use than the new ones. Secondly, second-hand excavators enter the second-hand market, and their prices are generally lower than the new car prices. % enters the used car market for sale, and there is a lot of room for buying second-hand excavators. Different brands of different years and different colors can choose freely.