Second-hand Excavator Purchase Strategy To Understand, Don't Be Fooled

- Sep 09, 2019-

Shopping needs to be cautious, and the Raiders do it in advance. Whether you want to buy a new excavator or a second-hand digging machine, you may accidentally buy a refurbished machine. However, if you turn it over well, there will be loopholes. How can you check if an excavator is a refurbished machine? ?

If you don't want to enter the pit, you must first know what is the refurbished machine. There are two main types of refurbished machines on the market:

The first category: replacement parts

Some excavators with longer ages and poorer condition can change the parts and handle the appearance. After a series of treatments, the excavator will be changed and it is difficult to distinguish its real model and machine condition.

The second category: repair and painting

Repair and paint some bumps in the normal use of the excavator. This type of refurbishment is actually good for excavators. Today we will focus on the first type of refurbishment. Because buying such excavators often causes great losses to users.


However, if there is a loophole, there will be loopholes. Let’s take a look at the refurbishment methods that merchants are used to:

First, the whole machine painting

After the excavator has been used for a long period of time, the fading of the paint is often serious, and some parts are rusted after rubbing. In order to make an excavator of more than ten years seem to be used only for two or three years, the merchant generally performs three steps on the whole machine.

1. The whole machine is painted on the excavator.

2. For the renovation of some domestic models, replace the brand LOGO of the excavator. This is because the price of some joint venture brand excavators under the same tonnage is higher than that of domestic excavators. For example, the old models of Sany, Xugong and Liugong After the excavator is painted, the LOGO is replaced by Komatsu or other joint venture brands.

3. Use an acidic liquid such as oxalic acid or a thin cement slurry to spray on the new paint. This is because the paint is too bright after painting, and the new paint is corroded by spraying to achieve the purpose of renovation and distress. Therefore, users must carefully polish their eyes when purchasing second-hand excavators.


Second, welding, sheet metal

Some excavators are accident vehicles, and have experienced accidents such as rollovers and landslides. The sheet metal parts, such as the cab and the doors, have been severely deformed. If such an excavator goes directly into the secondary market, the price will be much lower, but the replacement of the cab and the door is expensive, and some merchants will choose to use traditional welding and sheet metal processes to process these excavators.

Some have experienced severe conditions, or excavators that have been used for too long, and the boom will crack. In order to achieve the purpose of refurbishment, some merchants will choose to cut the cracks, weld the steel sheets from the inside and then fill the joints for welding. After that, the welds will be smoothed and repainted. This way, the structural strength of the boom is difficult to guarantee. I hope that users inspecting used excavators must be carefully observed.

Third, replace the nameplate

The nameplate of the excavator is the part where the information is recorded. It generally includes the model, total quality, date of manufacture, origin and serial number of the excavator. The nameplates on the large parts such as the engine, the large pump and the main control valve are also recorded with the model and production. Date and other information.

Some merchants choose to replace all the nameplates in order to disguise the real information of the excavator. The replacement of the nameplate is low in cost and easy to operate. The nameplate of the whole machine is usually rivet riveted. The nameplate of large parts such as engine and large pump can be torn off and replaced directly. However, the nameplate replacement often leaves traces, and it is not difficult to find it carefully.


Fourth, adjust the hour table

The working hour meter of the excavator is designed for the statistical working hours. It has a certain relationship with the service life of the excavator. The second-hand excavator is a common refurbished means for merchants. It's a simple matter, however, some experienced users don't go to the hour meter when they buy a second-hand digging machine, because many used excavator hour meters are no longer credible.

Fifth, change the characteristics of the car

Dealing with used excavators by changing the characteristics of the car is difficult for ordinary users to identify. For example, the Carter 325D and 329D models that the merchant likes to change are difficult to distinguish from the 329D after the labeling and series processing.


However, "the road is one foot high, the magic height is one foot", some business renovation technology is improving, but when we buy second-hand excavators, our eyes should also be improved. After looking at the target models, we can understand this machine through the network or agents. The original version of the machine, and then compare the selected second-hand excavator to see if the condition is the same, which will greatly avoid the purchase of the refurbished machine.

3 minutes to identify the refurbishment of the excavator, you can start from the following 12 aspects:

1, check the original degree of the tubing of the entire car

The more tubing that is changed, the longer the car's time is, the dry work is very bad, and the short time excavator is difficult to see the situation of the detonating pipe. If the original tubing and non-original tubing are not clear, you can look down. There are many brands of tubing on the car. The more brands, the more oil pipes are changed. It is useless to buy them back. It is enough for you to suffer every day.

2. Look at the chain, drive wheel, guide wheel is not original

The original ones take away the signs. If the machine is new, the chain and drive wheels are worn out very seriously, then the machine may be refurbished very seriously. The upper part of the machine must be proportional to the condition of the lower body.

3, you can look at the interior of the cab

The corners of the corners can be seen in the corners of the machine.

4, look at the two sides of the walking motor is not a brand

Open the cover plate behind the motor to see if it is the same brand as the original machine. Some machines on both sides of the machine are not the same brand, indicating that the motor has been replaced. The machine that has changed the motor is always repaired badly. It won't take much time.

5, look at the three major pieces of the machine

1. Look at the engine is too clean, the cleaner it is, the more problematic. There is a nameplate on the engine to find out when it is produced. See if it can be compared with the length of the excavator, especially if the screw has been moved. The corners of the moving screws are raised, and the hand feels frustrated. If you don’t move the screws, you can use a wrench to remove them.

2, see if the hydraulic pump has adjusted the flow, adjust the pressure, there is no oil leakage phenomenon, if this situation is taken care of, it is likely to be opened and refurbished.

3. Look at the distribution valve for traces of oil leakage. Some distribution valves are integral, and some are one piece. If there is paint, there should be traces in the middle. This can be seen whether the distribution valve is moving.

6, excavator full car, large and small arms, buckets and cylinders

The whole size of the excavator, the bucket and the bucket, and the cylinders are all stamped. If you can't connect them, if you can't connect them, it's very likely that the scrap parts will be replaced, and the parts of the cab can be used. Correspondence, to judge whether it is a refurbished machine.

7, buy a machine and the seller talk about the price

If the price is too low, be careful. A price that is too low may be a trap that leads you in. If you buy something that you don’t sell, you should always remember not to be cheap, and if you pay for it, you won’t lose it in the sky. You will only drop the birds, remember that if you keep a clear mind, you will be difficult to be fooled.

8, look at the whole car size arm other traces

Look at the car's large and small arms with cracks, there are no traces of welding, in order to judge whether the condition is not refurbished.

9, into the dashboard to call out machine information

See if there is any alarm record, and then see if the button on the instrument panel is damaged. If it breaks, it means that the machine often goes in and presses to adjust the system of the excavator. This also shows the age of the excavator.

10, the battery

Don't ignore the battery, often these details can be seen in the doorway. Look at the electrolyte inside the battery is not enough, look at the old and new battery, what brand, battery pile head has no trace of oxidation.

11, shop around three

Buy excavators to shop around, don't rush to start, look more, go shopping. Compare the difference with the model you want to buy.

12, look at the operating handle of the digging machine

The operation handle of the excavator can reflect the service life of the machine. If you touch it on the driver's hand every day, the surface will be illuminated. The operation handle on the excavator with a short time should have a layer of texture. You have to rest, no matter what. How to renovate the excavator, it is generally not possible to replace the operating handle.

13, with some qualified old digging machine master and excavator repairman to go

Buy a machine with some qualified old digging machine masters and excavator repairmen, go to the individual to check, one person to test the machine, one person looks at the following, see how the engine exhaust.

Minor know, want to avoid buying used refurbished excavators, must be carefully observed when buying, it is best to go with an experienced excavator repairer, will be more assured. I also wish everyone can buy the used second-hand excavator, and embark on the peak of life!