Second-hand Excavator Sales Champion, How About Carter Cat320D

- Jul 31, 2019-

The Caterpillar Cat320D is Caterpillar's largest-selling model. Its high premium rate has made it a long-lasting market, and it is still the most watched model in the domestic second mobile phone market. In many regional markets, the status of Caterpillar CAT320D has been “deified”, and many excavator bosses only recognize this “God Machine” when they buy two mobile phones.


Carter Cat320D overall working quality is 20930kg, standard 1.2 cubic meters bucket, the whole machine transport size is: 9460x2800x3050mm, the arm digging force is 106.4kN, the bucket digging force is 140.1kN, the domestic supply of Cat320D excavator is Xuzhou, Jiangsu.

The Carter Cat320D excavator uses Carter's environmentally friendly engine C 6.4ACERT with a displacement of 6.37L and a rated power of 103kW. With ACERT technology, the machine can achieve greater power output density, less emissions, less noise, less vibration. More economical fuel efficiency.

The Carter Cat320D excavator features a simple, powerful design that is timeless, and its innovative hydraulic system delivers maximum efficiency at the time and place where power is most needed.

The Carter Cat320D excavator's hydraulic system and component locations are specifically designed to deliver a high level of system efficiency. The positions of the main pump, the control valve, and the hydraulic oil tank are close to each other, so that the connecting line between the components is shorter, thereby reducing friction loss and pressure drop in the piping.

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The hydraulic system radiator is placed on the side of the cab of the superstructure, which further enhances operator comfort. This causes outside air to enter the engine compartment from the operator side, while hot air and corresponding engine noise are exhausted from the opposite side of the operator. This reduces heat and noise in the engine compartment that is transmitted to the operator.

User evaluation:

Arowana: We are a dry tunnel, so I suggest that the boss mention Carter. He started preparing for Komatsu. I said that Carter used the Carter in the tunnel. There is also a little selfishness here! I am from Xuzhou, and I can make some contribution to my hometown.

Nankang Xiaozhong: The general situation is good, very good control, the strength is quite big, the speed is enough, and the maintenance is convenient. The overall fuel consumption is 19-22 liters. This is a comprehensive, he will change according to the throttle, engine, air conditioning and back load.


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