Which Brand Of Second-hand Excavator Is Good? What Brand Is The Most Cost-effective To Buy?

- Jan 23, 2019-

Today, Dingsheng second-hand excavator market discusses with the big guys which brand of second-hand excavator is good. I hope that everyone can put forward any ideas.

Speaking of the used excavator brand, there is something to talk about. At present, there are many brands of used excavators on the market. Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States and domestic excavators are the ones that you sing and I am on the scene. With so many brands getting together, friends who buy used excavators are guilty, how to choose? Which brand is good? Let's talk about the contrast of these excavators today.

First, the excavator main brand

First of all, let’s take a look at the main brands of excavators in various countries and regions.

Japanese brands: Hitachi, Komatsu, Kobelco, etc.;

European and American brands: Carter, Volvo, etc.;

Korean brands: Hyundai, Doosan, etc.;

Domestic brands: Sany, Liugong, Xugong, Xiagong, Shanzhong and so on.

Dingsheng excavator market imported second-hand excavator

Second, the excavator price

After you know which brands are coming from, we will now talk about the characteristics of excavators in various regions. Of course, there are too many factors to consider when buying excavators, especially used excavators, so this is just a reference.

1. Japanese excavators have long been regarded as the world's number one. There are many excavator companies in Japan, and all of them have been successful. Nowadays, in the East Asia region, the Japanese excavator is really everywhere.

2, the performance of excavators in Europe and America is also possible, but the transportation cost can not be compared with Japan, so the cost performance of European and American excavators is lower than that of Japanese machines. Even for second-hand series, the price will not be too low. If the price is low, the condition is worth noting.

Carter excavator


3, South Korea excavator is considered to be immature technology, imitating the technology of Japan, Europe and the United States, even the more famous Hyundai and Daewoo, the failure rate is also high, however, the price of this type of machine has an advantage, while buying Korean brands When you are using the second mobile phone, be sure to check the condition.

4, the development of domestic excavators in recent years is obvious to all, but due to late start, the formation of the brand late, coupled with the foreign brand's occupation of the domestic market, making it difficult for domestic excavators to achieve too much breakthrough. After all, there are still many people who do not recognize domestic brands.

Finally, we can sum up, for Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States, domestic excavators, in terms of cost performance, Japanese excavators are still the best, fuel-efficient, hydraulic, and Korean and domestic excavators are comparable, European and American fees Oil, high price, but good material. In the specific use, if it is earthworks, domestic and Korean brands can be considered. If it is a mine, it is recommended to buy Japanese and European and American.

Mountain push excavator

Below the Dingsheng second-hand excavator market, the Japanese brand excavator is explained, and the Nissan excavator is still the mainstream.

Third, the main brand of Japanese excavators

Specifically, it is more difficult to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each brand. Here, the Dingsheng excavator market recommends several Japanese brands for everyone. The current mainstream market is also these brands, hoping to help you deepen the second-hand mining. Machine understanding. Of course, if the summary is not in place, everyone raises it.

1. Komatsu

Advantages: good strength, strong, durable, low fuel consumption, hydraulic pressure is its strength, overall coordination is good, speed is fast, not easy to break, good value, good used car shot.

Disadvantages: high price, expensive accessories. (Note: Because it has a high domestic market share, there are many parts in the deputy factory, so it is relatively cheap)

Komatsu used excavator

2, Hitachi

Advantages: general mechanical matching, general hydraulic system, flexible action, generally durable, general value preservation, general cost of use, general fuel consumption, and high strength.

Disadvantages: not durable, more problems after two or three years, serious oil leakage, mainly high water temperature or hydraulic system, the price of used cars is general.

Hitachi used excavator

3, Kobelco

Advantages: fuel-efficient, good color and cheaper price.

Disadvantages: not strong, not durable, electronic circuits often fail. Most of them can only work on earth because there is no power.

The above is the main brand of Japanese excavators. As for which excavator brand is good in the world, it is difficult to have a clear standard. And the excavators of each brand inevitably have some advantages, so friends still need to focus on this part of the machine, bring one or two friends who know how to do it, as long as you buy a second mobile phone with good performance, you can work, not necessarily To be limited by the brand.

Kobelco used excavator

Therefore, the Dingsheng second-hand excavator market still says that it is better to choose a suitable excavator according to its own working conditions. The second-hand excavator is not only considering the condition of the car, but the price is also an important direction to consider. We also choose one. It is best to return the excavator faster. If you still don't understand, you can concentrate on or private consultation, and you can answer all kinds of used excavator purchase questions.

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