Fully Hydraulic Used KATO Crane 25Ton NK250E

Fully hydraulic Used Kato crane 25Ton NK250E
Producing Area: Japan
Year Of Manf: 2012
Carrier Model:MITSUBISHI

Product Details

Product Specification


Fully hydraulic Used Kato crane 25Ton NK250E

Producing Area: Japan

Year Of Manf: 2012

Carrier Model:MITSUBISHI


Length of Main Boom: 11.1m-34m

Jib Length: 9-14.6m

Max. Lifting Capacity: 25ton


Fully hydraulic Used Kato crane 25Ton NK250E diagram chart picture



Fully hydraulic Used Kato crane 25Ton NK250E can be used in construction and lifting:


image007Related Spare parts available:

Besides,we can also offer some related spare parts for the crane as following:


image010More Used Cranes are available:

1. Truck Crane
KATO:NK120E,NK200E, NK250E, NK300E, NK350, NK400E, NK500E,  
TADANO: TL250E,TL300E,TG350E,TG500E,GT650E-3-10101,GT550E,TG800,TG1000E etc.

2. Rough terrain Crane
KATO: KR25H, KR45H, KA300, SS500.KR250E, KR450
TADANO: KR250E, TR250M, TR500M , etc.

3. Crawler Crane
HITACHI: KH120T, KH125, KH150, KH180; KOBELCO: 50T, 100T, 120T, 300T

Delivery & Package

Fully hydraulic Used Kato crane 25Ton NK250E can be shipped by different method like this:


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Our Service

We warmly welcome you come to our company to check the machines and test the working condition and we will offer you additional services as follows:

image001Guide you a happy trip in Shanghai;

image002Pick up you from your hotel to our yard and check our cranes;

image005We have many professional operators operate the crane from you;

image007Certificate available and testing machine service.  

image010Gratuitous translation and tour guide service are provided

If you need more information, please feel free to contact me at any time


image001Q: Why choose us ?

A: 1.We are professional and content to reply you with patience any time in 24 hours.

2.  Our company owns different yards to put the machines, we have enough machines for sale.

image002Q: Which machines can you supply?
A: This is a based-in-shanghai machinery company which specializes in exporting used machines, including truck cranes, crawler cranes,  forklifts, excavators, wheel loaders, road rollers etc. Most of them were originally from Japan.

image005Q : What is your payment?
A: Payment is negotiable (TT, LC etc) .Generallyy speaking , payment is always like this:30% for the deposit,70% for the balance .but if you hae any requirement, you can also talk with us well .

image007Q:Where are your machines currently stocked?
A: Our office is located in Shanghai and we have yard in Shanghai ,so all the machinery located in shanghai.

Any other questions about this Fully hydraulic Used Kato crane 25Ton NK250E, Please ask me online, or by phone, email.

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