HITACHI Mini Used Excavator EX60

HITACHI Mini used excavator EX60 for sale
Net power:40.3kw

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HITACHI Mini used excavator EX60 for sale



Net power:40.3kw


Shoe size:450mm

Fuel capacity:35.7L

Track gauge:1750mm

Swing speed:14.5rpm

Ground clearance:360mm

Height to top of cab:2570mm

Tail swing radius:1750mm




HITACHI Mini used excavator EX60 used in the construction and digging :


image026Provided Parts:

In addition, we can also offer some parts for HITACHI Mini used excavator EX60 as following:


Packaging & Transportation

HITACHI Mini used excavator EX60 can be shipped by different method like this:



image001Power plant and swing mechanism;

image002Control mechanism and auxiliary facilities;

image013Transmission mechanism;

Through the hydraulic pump, he transfers the power of the engine to the hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder and other executive components, and drives the working device to complete various tasks.

image026Running gear;

It also is chassis, including crawler frame and walking system, mainly by the crawler frame, walking motor + reducer and its piping, driving wheel, guide wheel, chain wheel, roller, caterpillar, tensioning of buffer device, its function to support the weight of the excavator, and the driving wheel transmission power into the traction, achieve the walking machine.

image059Working device;

It is the main component of hydraulic excavator. Currently, SY series excavators are equipped with backhoe working device, which is mainly used to excavate the soil below the stopping surface, but can also excavate the soil below the maximum cutting height. In addition to digging pits, digging ditches and loading, they can also perform simple leveling work on the site.

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