Secondhand Original America Bobcat S160 Used Mini Loader

Secondhand Original America Bobcat S160 Used mini loader for sale
Rated load:725.7kg

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Secondhand Original America Bobcat S160 Used mini loader for sale



Rated load:725.7kg


Operating weight:2773.7kg

Power measured:2800rpm

Fuel capacity:91L


Length with bucket:3310mm

Width over tires:1676mm

Height to top of cab:1938mm


Skid Loader is also called sliding Loader, multi-function engineering vehicle, multi-function engineering machine. It is a kind of special wheeled chassis equipment which can realize vehicle steering by using the linear speed difference between two sides of wheels.

It adopts wheel-type walking mechanism, all-wheel drive and sliding steering. It can be randomly and quickly replaced or connected with various working devices on the job site, so as to adapt to different working environments and work contents.

Sliding steering wheel loader power generally is 20 ~ 50 kw, host quality from 2000 to 4000 kilograms, the speed is 10 ~ 15 km per hour, or so is mainly used in the operation space is narrow, uneven ground, job content transform frequent occasions, applicable to the construction of infrastructure, industrial application, port loading and unloading, and downtown streets, houses, barns, barns, airport runway, etc., at the same time can also be used as a large engineering construction machinery ancillary equipment.

image003Accessories Available:

In addition,we can also offer some accessories available for Secondhand Original America Bobcat S160 Used mini loader as following:



Secondhand Original America Bobcat S160 Used mini loader used in the construction and Unload :


Delivering & Packaging

Secondhand Original America Bobcat S160 Used mini loader can be shipped by different method like this:


Working Device Requirements

Skid steer loader have become increasingly popular because of its simplicity and ease to operation, the function of them as following:

image001The movement track of the bucket conforms to the operation requirements, that is, to meet the requirements of digging and loading, and it is required to keep the movement close to translation in the bucket in the process of lifting the moving arm, so as to prevent the material in the bucket from falling out ;

image002To meet the discharge distance and discharge height requirements, and make the moving arm in any position can discharge the material ;

image003On the premise of satisfying the operation requirements, the working device has simple structure, light weight, reasonable stress and high strength;

image014The driver should be provided with good working conditions to ensure work safety, good vision, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

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